The USA will be Great Again when Donald Trump wins the presidency

Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

The smile on my face as I entered the Trump International Hotel today genuinely expressed the sincere joy and wonderful opportunity of being able to experience a Donald Trump product.

From the get go, the front of house staff have been extremely friendly and hospitable. The actual building is elegant, stylish and has a classy feel about it. The Trump Hotel  looks out at the other hotels and venues of the Vegas if to say “Here I am,..this is what I represent”. The gold of the exterior is stunningly beautiful. Oddly enough on a rainy Las Vegas day, the golden Trump Tower looked gorgeous against a grey, cloudy sky.

It’s been a huge week for Donald, after winning easily the 5 recent Republican primaries and then his impressive foreign policy statement.

Stay tuned for more of our thoughts on the brilliant, inspiring man that is Donald Trump

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