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It would have been around August of last year, when I tuned into the David Knight Show which was then presented on the Alex Jones network. David wasn’t hosting, instead a burly, bearded bloke dressed in an immaculate suit sat in the hallowed “Knights” chair. His delivery at the time I considered monotone, considering the seriousness of the subject matter. I felt it my duty to fire off my “informed” critique of this fellows work. After I had done so, I did a little more research and found out that the host, one Tony Arterburn had served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper. I felt awful and I wrote a very remorseful email and apologised for my rash comments. Like most things with this bloke it was water off a duck’s back and since then we’ve become good mates and share strong beliefs in individual freedoms and liberties.

Tony Arterburn is living the American Dream, dwelling in the Ozark Mountains in the state of Missouri with his wife Melissa and son Houston along with two hounds (love that classic Americana terminology) Charlie & Beans “The Brave”. Tony broadcasts a couple of shows. One about freedoms and the other about gold, silver and cryptocurrency. Tony is what I guess you could call, a modern day pioneer where the meshing of the virtual and real world meet. It’s a good fit when the other versions of virtual and reality offered by governments and Big Tech are draconian, prison like and anti-individual. Tony also runs a store in Branson Missouri called Wise Wolf Gold & Silver Exchange He’s seen an uptake in gold, silver and crypto’s due to the absurdity of the responses to the “pandemic” Traditions and establishments have been trashed by governments world wide and money is no exception. Tony understands this and along with his sidekick and co-host Kenzie. The pair provide informed and timely information about the state of currencies and legal tender. Interestingly Kenzie is a young woman of 24 years of age and it’s a fascinating insight into how an informed and educated younger person sees the world. Hopefully there are many more like her which gives us hope for the future.

Tony “Burners” Aterburn with his beloved chocolate lab Layla Photo Source: Arterburn Radio Transmission

I was fortunate enough to speak with “Burners” on his show last Friday about the dystopia that is Australia and provide a bit of a background to the political nature of the parties involved in making the most draconian public measures in the history of Australia. We spoke about the protest last week at the Shrine of Remembrance and the symbolism attached to that sacred place. We both agreed that we are being asked to step up and take over the mantle of our forebears when it comes to fighting for our freedoms. I think it’s vital to have a good understanding of history when you see what’s going down worldwide. The Shrine and protests have seen much worse behaviour. In 1971 the Shrine was desecrated with the word Peace along with a peace symbol that remained on the front columns for months and could still be made out years later. Yet no mention was made in the mainstream press about that incident nor did they acknowledge that protesters did anything of the sort.

Tony Arterburn with son Houston (left) Can’t wait to see the lad get the oldman in a submission headlock / half Nelson! Photo Source: The Aterburn Radio Transmission

I guess Tony Arterburn is a great example of the entrepreneurial American, running his own show, not relying on government handouts, taking control of his destiny and with the help of God, hopefully he and his family can find comfort and peace in the home they have built and maintained. From a sporting prospective, I’ve ribbed him in the past over this, but since Tony was a former champion power lifter, I’m waiting to see his son Houston step up and put the “old man” in a headlock live on his radio show one day! Now that would be something to see.

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