Woman dies after falling from Vaucluse cliffs

A woman aged in her 20’s is dead after falling from cliffs in Vaucluse early Sunday morning. Police sirens could be heard at around 6 am in the vicinity of Eastern Avenue Reserve near the corner of Oceanview avenue and Ray street. Arriving New South Wales police officers could be seen frantically searching the Diamond Bay Reserve area before quickly moving to Eastern Avenue Reserve where the incident happened. Police at the scene began interviewing two males and two females aged in their early twenties. It is understood the deceased woman was known to the witnesses. One of the women at the scene was wrapped in an emergency services blanket / robe and was visibly in shock and clearly shaken by what had occurred at the cliff face. A Toll Air Ambulance helicopter was the first airborne responder to arrive at the scene and began low hovering and scouted close to the cliff face in an effort to locate the missing woman. Police quickly cordoned off an area with incident tape.

New South Wales PolAir was brought into the search along with NSW Police boats that scoured the nearby local coast line. With an overcast grey sky, local seas were moderately choppy with a steady south west breeze blowing. PolAir officers could be observed dropping tracking dye into the water to give themselves an idea of the current which was heading north of the incident site. The green dye drifted slowly in that direction and took around 20 minutes to move at a rough distance of 100 metres. A Royal Australian Naval dingy, most likely hailing from nearby H.M.A.S. Watson’s Bay Naval base also arrived and began to help with the search. The woman’s body was located and retrieved by authorities a couple of hours later.

New South Wales PolAir drops green tracking dye into the seas to determine current & drift during this morning’s retrieval operation. Photo: Jodie Newell

Shocked locals lined the coastal walkaways as they peered out at the nearby ocean. Many could be heard discussing a similar incident that occurred last August with the death of a woman at nearby Diamond Bay. That person had fallen after allegedly trying to gain a prized selfie. The area has recently been inundated with selfie taking tourists who have paid scant regard to personal safety as they scale protective fences then ogle and grin whilst standing millimeters away on a high and dangerous cliff face.

A Toll Air Ambulance (left) was the first airborne responder to arrive at today’s tragic incident. Photo: Jodie Newell

Waverley Council has placed warning signs in and around the area and has increased local council ranger patrols in an effort to curb reckless and unsafe behavior. With this second fatality, locals will surely be asking something more must be done to prevent further tragedies.

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