Newell’s Notes Round 22 Greater Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs 2019

Glimmers of the 2016 Flag side

Couldn’t help but see similarities between the 2016 Western Bulldogs premiership team and the current side on Sunday afternoon. Those mini handpasses and the continual pressure applied to their opponents. The Dogs stepped it up in the 3rd and 4th quarters and the Giants fell to pieces. The usual suspects of Marcus Bontempelli, Jason Johannisen & Jack McCrae had plenty of the ball on Sunday and they barely wasted a possession. It was an all round team effort. In the backline the Dogs were held together by Easton Wood and Lewis Young, whilst up forward the Dogs had a wealth of riches in Josh Schache, Tory Dickson,Aaron Naughton, Bailey Dale, Sam Lloyd, Josh Dunkley and Pat Patrick Lipinski.Dale and Naughton weren’t part of the 2016 flag team, but they have fitted in nicely to the current Bulldog breed. Loved Naughton’s cockiness and arrogance when he out-marked Giants skipper Phil Davis and looked down on him as if to say “who are you?” as he strutted back to take his kick. Whilst Naughton missed the shot, just loved the attitude, something that’s lacking bigtime in the current Giants team. Coach Beveridge quickly hosed down any comparisons to this team and the 2016 premiership side. The one thing Beverdige did stress that his team was on the same page, something that the exact opposite is occurring with the current Giants side.

Bulldogs skipper Easton Wood was his usual intense self. Photo: Jodie Newell

Deeds needed not apologies

Giants coach Leon Cameron told the press post-game that he apologized to the fans for his team woeful last quarter effort. Apologies are fine, but perhaps a show of serious effort and intensity that has been seriously lacking the past couple of weeks could be applied. I’ve never seen a worse playing Giants team than the bad old days of their early football of 2012. Even skipper Phil Davis looked terribly out of sorts. Normally reliable he executed some poorly directed defensive kicks that were snapped up by a hungry Bulldog forward pack. Whilst the umpiring seemed to favour the Bulldogs, they were not the reason why the Giants lost this game. The Giants do not look united and again, being outsiders, one can only surmise at the vibe inside this team. For the life of me the decision of letting Dawson Simpson retire is beyond me. His tap ruck work particularly in the first half was outstanding. The hit out numbers show the big Dawson ruled the ruck with 56 to 24 over Jack Trengrove. Simpson stepped up when asked and rescued a struggling Giants team in 2018  but was unable to play in the finals series due to injury. With the return of Shane Mumford, Dawson has been pushed aside and I think this club has mismanaged him poorly. This week we had Shane Mumford go on the Fox Footy show “On The Mark” to talk about the notorious viral video of him snorting a white powder substance that appeared earlier this season on social media. Seriously I’d have zero to do with talking about that at the moment or providing fodder to this hand wringing type of football program that act as “platforms” for things I think in many cases deserve to be kept amongst family and friends. I’m not in any way knocking players who have mental health or other issues, but the line between entertainment and awareness I feel becomes a little blurred. Mummy needs to talk about football and football only and how the Giants are going to be back to be a winning football side. Then we had the supremo of the Giants Tony Shepherd over at Lords watching the Ashes Series and hanging out with the Harveys. All fine and well, and sure Tony is a big part of the SCG Trust, but on the eve of finals I don’t think its a good look. Harsh?, but what I see of the Giants, not everybody is on the same page, and that includes Stephen Coniglio who has yet to make his mind up about where he will play. Football Manager Wayne Campbell is according to some reports leaving the club after the 2019 season end. On and off the park, I don’t see a united team and on the eve of the finals that’s not very comforting. I can tell many foundation members have expressed to me that they aren’t very happy with what is currently going on at the Giants. And please spare me the talk of recently sacked Freo coach Ross Lyon taking over the Giants. If that happens this club will be going nowhere fast.

Great example of the superb tap ruck work of Dawson Simpson. The Giants have mismanaged him. Photo: Jodie Newell

Young Pups delivering up forward

Really impressed with Patrick Lipinski and his work on Sunday afternoon. The kid has only played 30 games since coming to the Western Bulldogs in 2017, but he’s a really exciting prospect. He booted two handy goals had 27 touches including 7 tackles and was a real presence for the Dogs. We were fortunate to chat with him after the game and was super impressed with his manner. I do hope the Bulldogs can clutch that finals berth and Pat Lipinski gets a taste of what footy is all about the finals.

Patrick Lipinski gave plenty for his team on Sunday. Photo: Jodie Newell


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