Newell’s Notes Round 16 Greater Western Sydney Giants v Brisbane Lions 2019

Brisbane Lions have arrived

Easily the best Brisbane side I’ve seen in New South Wales in recent memory. They ARE the real deal. Brisbane were ferocious in the contest, it wasn’t Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, It was Pressure, Pressure, Pressure and they never let up on the Giants. It was a stunning, comprehensive effort by the entire team. Kudos to Chris Fagan who absolutely loves his young team with an unwavering passion. And didn’t the Lions roar inside the sheds post-game?..The Maroon & Gold line was belted out big time. Don’t worry about Brisbane, they are young, hungry and well coached. They may surprise come September, and they look to have an exciting future.

You’ll Hear More of the Mighty Roar. Lions party in the sheds. Photo: Jodie Newell

Giants in big trouble

What is wrong with this team that has promised so much, yet underachieved with the amazing talent it has. I remember Melbourne footy scribe Rohan Connolly talking with us after last year’s defeat of the Giants v Collingwood. Rohan said something along the lines of the Giants have to stand for something. Is it for the jumper as a club or is that they simply exist to provide skilled players to other AFL teams. I’d agree with the latter. Sure there is a good club culture off field with families in the rooms etc, but there is NO trophy culture and that’s what teams play for that brilliant gold premiership cup. The team that I have witnessed over the past year has been fabulous in Geelong and in Tasmania against North and a handful of games at home in Sydney. The down side is the inability to win games they are expected to do, like the Essendon game. Then there are the losses like Hawthorn at the ‘G. This Sunday it could get ugly against a Richmond team hungry for further finals action in September. I don’t hold much faith in the Giants winning and that’s backed by past experience. Happy to be wrong, but I cant see them turning around the season. It’s gone, the mojo’s gone, the tsunami is a calm backwater, the heart and passion isn’t there. Jeremy Cameron is down in form. Tim Taranto was a ghost on Sunday. Jackson Hately isnt up to it at the present time and how on earth Daniel Lloyd wasn’t playing last Sunday is beyond me. Are the playing group peeved that maybe Cogs is going? who knows? But this period is crucial for the history of the club. Leon Cameron has had this team long enough. If the Giants lose more games, his tenure will come into reasonable question. He scoffed at suggestions that the club was going through a “winter slump” and said you couldn’t blame it on the weather. Sorry Leon but we beg to differ. Sure, it isn’t the whole reason, but this time of year is tough, due to the cold, the grind, the uncomfortable vibe about it. Players get hurt this time of year, muscles clam up, tear, snap and struggle to get better. Throw in the cold and flus and it ‘aint a pleasant time. The Giants have a rather bad dose of the winter blues and they need to shake out of it.

Running nowhere. The Giants spent plenty of time chasing Lions last Sunday. Photo: Jodie Newell

Rich Loyalty

Daniel Rich has seen some pretty lean times over the past few seasons for the Brisbane Lions. Two more games and he will have chalked up 200 AFL games. He’s been one of the best Lions players during that time. We spoke with him after the big win in the Brisbane sheds. Despite his “one week at a time” angle, it was pretty clear he feels pretty positive about the latest team which is full of up and coming talent. It’s heartening to see a player like Daniel finally see some well deserved success.

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