A Giant Wake Up! for Tucson Arizona

Wake Up Tucson crew complete with GWS Giants AFL jerseys & Jodie Newell

Well they say the world today is being “globalized” and cultural exchanges are happening every millisecond compared to previous years.

Spend 14 hours on a jet plane from Australia and you will find yourself on the other side of the world very quickly, communicating with people in person and obviously you talk about what happens at home.

We had the good fortune of meeting the guys from the Wake Up Tucson morning talk show on KVOI 1030 AM Tucson Arizona, a couple of years ago when covering the local federal government congressional primary. On a recent trip we were invited to appear on the show once more to chew the fat about US politics and obviously Aussie Rules football.

Chris De Simone, Joe Higgins and Ed Alexander put together a program each weekday morning discussing with a decent serve of humor, an insight into the local issues that matter for the good people of Tucson. Ed Alexander produces the program and his quips and musical choices make for entertaining and informative listening.

Tucson is considered by the boys as a great city with plenty of potential, yet they feel it is being held back by the local town hall, red tape and taxes. They have a genuine love of the city and encourage local small businesses to appear on the show. It seems their show is having some influence in terms of encouraging people to vote for change, with Republican candidate Martha McSally winning the congressional seat from incumbent Democrat Ron Barber during last years mid term elections.

The day we were there a local restaurant business brought in an incredible home style hamburger that tasted delicious. Chris De Simone keeps the show ticking along with his irreverent humor whilst Joe Higgins plays the straight foil providing informative and educated views on current affairs and issues.

When the program has its hourly break, you’ll find Chris and Joe head out to the back of the radio station parking lot to throw an American football back and forth. We joined in during our visit and delivered a few “hang time” punts.

We couldn’t turn up on this occasion without a decent cultural exchange and what better than to present the boys jerseys of Australia’s hottest AFL team the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Ed Alexander played the catchy, unique Giants theme song which could be best described in American terms as a “fight song”. Chris quipped that the song wouldn’t be out of place at a barmitzvah. So the good folks of Tucson Arizona got a giant wake up and a glimpse of what AFL football is about.

Many thanks to Greater Western Sydney Giant media manager Leigh Meyrick for the jerseys and to KVOI’s Adriana Chairez  for setting up the appearance.


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